The Seven Eight Principles
  1. The inherent worth and dignity of every person;

  2. Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;

  3. Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations;

  4. A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;

  5. The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large;

  6. The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all;

  7. Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part

  8. And our Eighth Principle... We affirm and promote the following 8th Principle:

    Journeying toward spiritual wholeness by building a diverse, multicultural Beloved Community that by our actions accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.

Denominational Information

Our association, the UUA, holds its annual General Assembly (GA) each year in June.The first GA was in 1962 so this is the 61st GA! It has been a totally online experience for the past two years which has encouraged and supported some strong improvements in the electronic process for these meetings. This year, the Association returned to its Multiplatform structure where delegates can attend in person or online. Its theme was “Meet the Moment, Reimagining Radical Faith Community.”

The link to learn more is: www.uua.org/ga.

The General Assembly conducts business with each member of the association having a number of certified delegates based on the size of the member group. UUs of Mt Airy is certified to have 2 delegates but an unlimited number of additional folks may attend. Along with the business or general sessions there are numerous other programs and traditional worship services to attend and a massive Exhibit Hall area to explore. Some of my favorites are the display of the banners from individual members, the Ware Lecture and the Service of the Living Tradition which highlights and honors milestones in the professional

careers of our professional ministers and leaders. Rev. Sims was in the group this year for having attained full fellowship as a UU Minister and we cheered for him there! Registration is not cheap, and we have funds available to help members here who wish to participate.

There are ways to reduce the costs; for example, there are accommodations in a nearby University. By attending online, you don’t have the travel, room, and meal expenses; and the registration costs are less too. (Online Registration is $250 for early and $275 regular, while In-Person Registration is $525 and $575 for the same periods. Early is March and April and then May and June is Regular). By registering, you also get access to all presentations to pick and choose to view at your leisure, both during and after the Assembly is long over. Please reach out to learn more about being a delegate or attending the General Assembly. Folks interested in serving as a delegate need to inform the Board in May as they must vote to certify our actual delegates at their June Board meeting.
— Fern C

Meet the Moment:
Reimagining Radical Faith Community

2022: Portland, OR (Multi-platform) | June 22–26

General Assembly 2022! We will have the option of meeting online or in-person! For those who enjoyed the convenience and accessibility of remote participation, General Assembly will continue to offer a virtual experience with robust programming and enhanced delegate discussion tools. For those who miss the in-person experience, GA 2022 offers opportunities to re-connect with friends old and new, local site attractions, and more! Join us June 22 - 26, 2022 online or in-person in Portland, Oregon. Program Proposals are being accepted through January 14. In Person Registration is now open. Find out about all the plans at the UUA website.

Future General Assemblies

  • 2023: June 21–25, Pittsburgh, PA

    Previous General Assemblies

    2021: Virtual General Assembly | June 23–27

    Circle 'Round for Justice - Healing - Courage is the theme for General Assembly 2021. General Assembly is a time to circle ‘round in community. We circle ‘round in care and healing; for liberation and justice; and for love and courage. We share stories of the work happening at our Association. and in our congregations. We study ways to implement and live into our mission. UUA GA 2021 will incorporate recommendations from the Commission on Institution Change report, "Widening the Circle of Concern" and dialogue with the Article II Commission about our Principles and Purposes

    2020: Providence, RI | June 24-28

    Rev. Schuyler Vogel, the minister of the 4th Universalist Church in NYC, gave a rousing inspirational lecture about the history of Universalism in America and his church in particular. He may be familiar to you if you participated in the online UU the Vote phone bank action back in May. He and some of his congregants joined our effort with UU churches here in the Philly area, and Washington, DC. We also got a brief introduction to the new Executive Director of Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center, Diem Jones.

    2019: Spokane, Washington | June 19-23

    The Power of We
    In a time of great challenge and heartbreak in our world, what does our faith demand from us? At this year’s General Assembly we explored the power, possibility, purpose, struggle and joy of finding the path forward together as Unitarian Universalists. Attendees left Spokane inspired, with the tools needed to carry on the work into their own congregations and communities. Join us as we continue to work for collective liberation inside and outside our faith.

    2018: Kansas City, Missouri | June 20-24

    From the UUWorld: The call of our faith has a place for each of us. Join us in Kansas City as we dive deeply into questions of mission for our Unitarian Universalist Association, for our congregations and communities, and for each of us as individuals. Join us to build courageous, collective leadership with tools, skills and connections.

    2017: June 21-25, New Orleans, LA —

    General Assembly 2017 took place June 21-25 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, 900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70130.

    2016: June 22-26, Columbus, OH —

    This year's GA took place June 22-26 in Columbus, OH and included a Ware Lecture from award-winning broadcaster and bestselling author Krista Tippett.

    2015: Build A New Way at GA

    2015 General Assembly (GA) was not just have green practices: we worked for climate justice. With Commit2Respond, a broad Unitarian Universalist movement, GA built our capacities to: shift to a lower carbon future, advance the human rights of affected communities, and grow the climate justice movement. Unitarian Universalist worked for climate justice.

    The GA 2015 theme was "Building a New Way." It was about more than climate justice. It was about breaking out of our old ways, and using our creativity to live into something new. At GA we worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. Anyone who registers may attend; delegates from our member congregations may vote. Programs and childcare were also available for children.

    2014: The theme for GA was Love Reaches Out


    Religious life in America is changing dramatically and rapidly. Fewer people are identifying with specific denominations and most mainline religions are losing members in droves. People now find many outlets and places of engagement for their spiritual lives. Current studies of faith in America show that there is a movement toward a liberal, fluid kind of faith that doesn t fit with traditional denominational identity and structure. We already know that for every adult member of Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations, there are at least three non-members who also consider themselves to be Unitarian Universalist.

    A core purpose of our faith is to help people grow in spirit and in service. We believe that our faith provides a path for each of us to unlock our transformational capacity to serve the world with love. We want to expand our faith not just to grow Unitarian Universalism, but also to better achieve this transformational purpose. Therefore, the General Assembly Planning Committee, the UUA Board of Trustees and the Administration want the General Assembly in 2014 help our association live into a future where our  Love Reaches Out to share our faith both within and beyond our congregations walls..

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