Do You Believe?

Do you believe that faith is dynamic and not static?
    Then join us.

Do you believe that revelation is more of a process than it is an event?
    Then join us.

Do you believe that authority should be questioned?
    Then join us.

Do you believe that inquiry and creativity are paths to the divine?
    Then join us.

Do you believe that one's spiritual search need not call into question one's reliance on reason and intellect?
    Then join us.

Do you believe in the power of love and compassion to heal the hurting?
    Then join us.

Do you believe the struggle for justice steers the sacred?
    Then, please, join us.

Do you believe that what unites us is stronger than what divides us?
    Then join us, because we,
    also, believe these things.

- The Reverend Bonnie-Jeanne   Casey, former Minister

Words of Inspiration

Services dated 3/22/2020 and more recent ones, are available HERE. These may only be viewed in Firefox and Chrome or in IE 10 or newer. Older services may be available by emailing Harald G.

Text versions of requested Words of Inspiration are listed below.

2022/07/17 UUism, Racism, and the 8th Principle Bruce PJ.
2018/10/21 My Wild and Precious Life Terry W.
2017/11/05 My Wild and Precious Life Bob P.
2017/09/17 Reaching through the Bars Bruce P.
2017/04/09 FORGIVENESS: Your Cleansing Breath and the
9 Steps to Forgiveness
Dr. James W.
2016/12/04 Darkness and Light Linda H.
2015/08/02 Collaboration and Community The Rev. Dr. Kathryn Ellis and Intern Maria McCabe
2015/01/11 Time and Identity The Rev. Dr. Kathryn Ellis
2014/03/16 Finding a Shared Vision for America Cynthia B.
2014/01/05 American Empire: Racism and Power The Rev. Dr. Kathryn Ellis
2013/10/27 Still Point... Tipping Point. Which? Dr. James W.
2013/10/20 Hospitality as Transformation The Reverend Kathryn Ellis
2013/10/06 Invitation and Welcome The Reverend Kathryn Ellis
2013/09/29 When Communities Go Bad The Reverend Kathryn Ellis
2013/09/22 Magic Moments in Communities Annabel G.
2013/09/15 Covenant, Repentance and Forgiveness The Reverend Kathryn Ellis

Many older Words of Inspiration are on file. Please contact the Jane Ha. with a specific date.

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